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Signed, sealed, but never quite delivered

The last few episodes of the Tudors have featured several back and forth letter exchanges between King Henry VIII and his subjects. Well we did some digging through old archives and microfiche to uncover these three letters written to the King.

More Tudors Link Love

Grumpy on humpy? Here are some great Tudor’s links to help you get through those hump day blues!

Episode 304 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 304 Pop Tudors Recap

Take a walk on the Tudor side

Here ye, here ye, gather ‘round for another round of Tudor’s link love! If you didn’t get a chance to ask the queen last week, The Tudors Wiki is busting out their cyber Ouiji boards and tarot cards and are hosting a Séance Sweepstakes.  Submit your questions today! What do naughty magazine moguls and the […]

Historical Accuracy Schmacuracy…

The Tudors creator Michael Hirst hosts a great series of videos about the Tudor era full of factual information and it’s organized in a nifty time line to help you keep it all straight.