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Ask a Tudor, Get an Answer!

Actor Mark Hildreth, AKA Reginald Pole, and he was nice enough to respond with this great video! Here is what he had to say about working on The Tudors, drinking pints in Ireland, and Joss Stone!

Tudors Finale Buzz

This season of The Tudors may be over but the buzz goes on! This week is all about the new lady of the castle, leg sores, and historical accuracies and inaccuracies! Hear what ye olde interwebs has to say about this season’s finale.

Ask A Tudor!

Actor Mark Hildreth who plays Cardinal Reginald Pole will be answering fans questions, so submit your burning queries in the comments. Post coming next week!

So Much Tudors Buzz, So Little Time.

The princess of soul has become queen, and the internet is all a buzz about Joss Stone’s performance as Anne of Cleves on The Tudors! Here are a few of my favorite morsels of Tudor-y goodness.

Tudors Insults Part Deux

I had so much fun writing the You just got served by Shakespeare insults post, that we decided to ask some of the funniest ladies in court to contribute a few of their own. These are a few of my favorite “what was said” vs. “what it means” Shakespearean insults submissions!