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Feeling Ill? Just Ask Dr. Hank

With all this purging, bleeding, and royal expelling, Henry eventually decided…to heck with these doctors! Instead, he began mixing his own potions and pills with the help of his Royal Apothecary. Naturally, Henry prided himself on being the closet pharmacist of his day and even traveled with his royal apothecary equipment.

Deep Thoughts with King Henry

Despite popular belief, king Henry has more than a one track mind after all…

If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Crown On It

When it comes to Tudors’ life, there is one group that will always survive the test of time – the Queen’s Ladies in Waiting. At its core, this group has two very simple tasks: attend to the queen and sleep with the king. Sound simple? Not so.

Episode 306 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 306 Pop Tudors Recap

More True Facts About Tudor England

More True Facts About Tudor England