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Ask a Tudor, Get an Answer!

Actor Mark Hildreth, AKA Reginald Pole, and he was nice enough to respond with this great video! Here is what he had to say about working on The Tudors, drinking pints in Ireland, and Joss Stone!

So Much Tudors Buzz, So Little Time.

The princess of soul has become queen, and the internet is all a buzz about Joss Stone’s performance as Anne of Cleves on The Tudors! Here are a few of my favorite morsels of Tudor-y goodness.

Episode 307 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 307 Pop Tudors Recap

Tudors Buzzzzz!

Here is your weekly dose of Tudors Link Love for all of you Tudor’s junkies!

Fashion Fit for a Queen

The rockstars of their day, the Tudors knew how to dress to impress. However, even if your budget isn’t king-sized, you can steal some inspiration from the splashy fashion-conscious show with a savvy mix of knowing where to scrimp (the basics) and where to splurge (the bling).