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Feeling Ill? Just Ask Dr. Hank

With all this purging, bleeding, and royal expelling, Henry eventually decided…to heck with these doctors! Instead, he began mixing his own potions and pills with the help of his Royal Apothecary. Naturally, Henry prided himself on being the closet pharmacist of his day and even traveled with his royal apothecary equipment.

Episode 308 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 308 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 307 Pop Tudors Recap

Episode 307 Pop Tudors Recap

Deep Thoughts with King Henry

Despite popular belief, king Henry has more than a one track mind after all…

Tudors Insults Part Deux

I had so much fun writing the You just got served by Shakespeare insults post, that we decided to ask some of the funniest ladies in court to contribute a few of their own. These are a few of my favorite “what was said” vs. “what it means” Shakespearean insults submissions!