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I Love Ye, Man

BFFs since the sandbox, King Henry VIII and Sir Charles Brandon had one of history’s first successful bromances. How did they become boys for life and make it last? Let’s take a few tips from their bromantic relationship:

Hottest Moments From Season One of The Tudors

Eliza and Glennis discuss the hottest moments from season one of The Tudors.

Welcome to the Pop Tudors blog!

As you know, The Tudors has everything that makes good entertainment: sex, lust, money, betrayal, baby mama drama, floggings and other forms of post-medieval torture, lusty ladies, reigning men, and a whole a host of beheadings. Pop Tudors will feature weekly episode recaps and commentary along with tips on fashion, romance, health and fitness inspired by those rascally royals, The Tudors.

Favorite Moments from Season 2

Eliza and Glennis share some of their favorite moments from season 2 of The Tudors.